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Henson Perimeters - screening and threshold testing

Free Whitepaper - Glaucoma screening: a global perspective

What are the risk factors for glaucoma and how can identifying them guide creation of robust screening programmes?

60 million people live with glaucoma worldwide, and close to 5 million people are blind from open angle glaucoma. Glaucoma is prevalent and presents many challenges for the eye health industry. Our whitepaper explores the global perspective on open angle and angle closure glaucoma, looking at:

- The prevalance of glaucoma
- Genetic and age-related risk factors 
- Glaucoma screening in practice

With a top heavy ageing population, sufferers of glaucoma are expected to rise to 79 million sufferers by 2020, so taking action now is vital. The eye health industry needs to act now to beat this silent thief of sight. There are many challenges that lie ahead, our paper explores how to set up a robust screening programmes that will identify, monitor and treat glaucoma. 

Download the whitepaper free, we hope you find it a useful resource to share with your colleagues and peers.

Glaucoma White Paper


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